Overdue: Updates

I’ve over procrastinated this post. It should summarise what I’ve been up to since summer began. HGIC ended on a very positive note. I’m glad it did; well, obviously.

  • Graduation: On graduating, I received an award for innovation and creativity. It’s something I’m excited about, for a number of reasons and I think the timing was divine. It’s non-academic, but very much in line with most [if not all] of my interests. Cool. I can’t move on to the next without thanking God because, I must admit, it was an answered prayer.
  • Dust Magazine: I got the chance to write an article for the June edition of Dust Magazine and it got published. 

There’s quite a few more like the African Poetry Anthology project and getting onto Twitter after a very long contemplation. I’m ever grateful to God. There are other things I have in mind. Would keep you posted as they materialise.

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